Even though Excel is the greatest personal
productivity tool for your team,
it has limitations.

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Collaboration – In order to get information from others,
you need to
share workbooks.

Centralization – EACH spreadsheet has to be maintained
because the data lives in the workbook

Connectivity – Excel lives alone, so dashboards and other reports need to be generated by getting data over to the new platform

If your sheets are complicated and you need a better way, you have come to the right place.



Say goodbye to Excel limitations –

These limitations cost your employees 50% of their work productivity, in clerking, admin and reconciliation time alone. Let’s not even discuss the error potential. That means that 10 of an employee’s 20 monthly workdays are spent doing mundane activities and not spent on the important things needed like analysis for decision making. This leads to an inability to reach their potential, frustration and ultimately a new job.

Say hello to a
better way

Check out OLATION and PowerExcel –
A powerful development platform that opens new pathways for Excel solutions, removes the limitations of Excel,
and frees your employees to reach their potential.
Power BI and Google Sheets can also connect to the platform.

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