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1. Register and Download PowerExcel

After registering, you will be redirected to a page where you can download the following:

  • PowerExcel add-in
  • PowerExcel Starter Team - Basic Reports.xlsx

You must follow the installation procedure.

If you need assistance, schedule a support call by filling out the Contact Us form or by emailing us at

2. Use the P&L Forecasting Sandbox

With the Basic Reports workbook we provided in Step 1 (PowerExcel Starter Team - Basic Reports.xlsx), you can start using the shared P&L Forecasting Sandbox.

This Sandbox can be accessed by all PowerExcel Starter Team users simultaneously at any time. We reset the server every 24 hrs to its original state.

3. Attend Trainings

Intro to PowerExcel

Please be sure that you have done the following, prior to attending the training:

  • successfully installed the PowerExcel add-in
  • able to connect to the P&L Forecasting Sandbox

If you need assistance, schedule a support call by filling out the Contact Us form or by emailing us at

4. Begin using PowerExcel

Access our training resources to continue learning PowerExcel, or attend again to ask your support questions.

5. Contact us to setup your dedicated PowerExcel database

Ready to move on from the Sandbox to your own dedicated database? Just let us know by filling out this form or emailing us at We'll setup your own environment, free of charge, within the specified service limits.

Pre-requisite: Attend the Intro to PowerExcel Training

6. Scale your PowerExcel model, as needed.

If you find the PowerExcel Starter Team beneficial to your organization, consider consulting options to expand your financial planning and forecasting model to cover Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Sales, HR, Inventory, etc.