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IMPORTANT: Please check the following

To ensure a successful installation, you must have:

PowerExcel Installation Procedure

A. PowerExcel Install

  1. Close Excel – You must be sure that Excel is closed BEFORE running the install
  2. PowerExcel Download
    1. Download PowerExcel
      Download PowerExcel Installer
    2. Unzip the Setup file – You must extract setup.exe from .zip file
  3. Run Setup as Administrator
    1. When you run setup.exe, you must run as an Administrative User.
      • Right click on setup.exe and and select “Run as Administrator”

B. PowerExcel Licensing

  1. Start Excel
  2. You will be prompted to Install Olation4XL. Click the Install button.
  3. Licensing Details
    1. Contact Info – Enter First Name, Last Name, and your Email Address
      • Please use a legitimate email address because you will be sent an email to complete the licensing process.
    2. Choose “I have a registration ID and code”
    3. Enter the Registration ID and Code
      • ID is 1266
      • Code is 7777
    4. Click the Register button, then OK.

C. Using PowerExcel

  1. Download the PowerExcel Starter Team – Basic Reports.xlsx
    PowerExcel Basic Report XLSX
  2. Open the workbook.
    • To ensure you get the full PowerExcel experience, please ensure you are using the most current version of the PowerExcel Add-in.
  3. Start using PowerExcel.
    • IMPORTANT: The Basic Reports workbook is connecting to a SHARED server where the P&L Forecasting Sandbox is located. This Sandbox can be accessed by all PowerExcel Starter Team users simultaneously at any time. We reset the server every 24 hrs to its original state.

After successfully installing the PowerExcel add-in, please attend the PowerExcel Training.  After which, you will be eligible to get your own dedicated server for free.